Laundry Room Chandelier Refab Project

We didn’t have a light fixture in the laundry room.  It had a set up with two light bulbs pointing in opposite directions.  I wanted to help with the cute look in the laundry room so we went to a Habitat For Humanity ReStore.  There weren’t a ton of light fixtures that was the type I was looking for.  However, when I looked up I saw four chandeliers that were an old brass color that were up in the ceiling that I completely overlooked.  They looked really ancient and even the wiring inside the line was ancient.  We went to the bulb section and found dollar bulbs that fit in the chandelier perfectly, so we picked up five of those and the chandelier.  The chandelier was $23 and the bulbs cost a total of $5.

I totally forgot to take a before picture of the ugly chandelier because I got too eager to paint it.  Here’s a picture of it during the spray painting process where you can see a little bit of the brown dark color peeping through.



First we shut off the circuit and removed the old light plate that had the two bulbs so that we were left with just the wiring in the ceiling:



After spray painting the crap out of the chandelier, we went to go find a piece that would help to hang it from the ceiling.




We also picked up a link that looks like a caribiner.  It came in a pack of three.  Other options are chain links (which you have to buy by the foot at HD).  This step is really custom depending on what your fixture you pick up looks like.


Then set up the white ceiling canopy kit with a screw driver/cordless drill, use a couple wire nuts to connect the wires and voila:




Now it looks nothing like the one we picked up at Habitat for Humanity.



The paint I picked up was $3 at Home Depot: Rust Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Satin.  I picked an off white with the dresser picture on it.