Hallway Photos



I love that mirror and the hooks.  It was on clearance at Home Depot for $10 but when I took it to the register it was $5.


Paint Colors Used

Bathroom – Olympic – Pearl Blue (pale blue)

Bedroom – Sherwin Williams Livable Green (pale green)

Bedroom – Sherwin Williams Zircon (pale gray)

Living room – Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki (beige/khaki/tan)

Kitchen/Dining – Valspar Allen Roth Deep Ellum (dark green)

Laundry room -Benjamin Moore Tropicana Cabana (turquoise)


  • Last week of December SW was running 30% off paints for opening an account with them (as many times as I wanted to stop by)
  • If you buy white paint while there’s a sale going on, then you can return un-tinted paint if you ended up buying too much.  Just bring your white can of paint in when you know what color you want, and you ask them to tint it.  That way you can take advantage of the sale price even if you don’t have your colors picked out.  You just have to know your sheen such as egg shell, satin, semi-gloss.

Check Out Our New Crapper!

It took me a while to decide which toilet to buy.  We first grabbed a toilet with a dual flush with differing gallons per flush for solid waste and liquid waste. On our way to the check-out, there was a display of two other toilets that were not in the toilet aisle.  The one on display was a .8 gallon per flush toilet! We ended up going home with that  one  – Glacier Bay 2-Piece Ultra High-Efficiency Elongated Toilet in White Model # N7717B/N7715T SKU # 169564.  I picked one that was EPA approved with a WaterSense sticker.  It was going for $150.

This toilet was $50 more than what I originally picked, but 1.2 gpf vs .8 gpf was worth the $50 to me.  Over time it will save a lot of water.  Toilets consume a lot of water for every flush.  According to the EPA, toilets are second to outdoor water use.  Since people don’t just change out their toilets unless they were ratty to begin with, I want to make sure that several years down the road when even more efficient toilets are being sold, my toilet is still doing a good job conserving water.



Here is a video about the toilet!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBRH-H-Sg2E

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Today we visited the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  There are three of them near us within 45 minutes of driving.  The H for H Restore sells a lot of home improvement goods as well as any random inventory that was donated from people in the area.  Each store will carry different items.  The prices are supposed to be pretty low.  There are new inventory as well as used.  Today was my first visit, and here are things I saw among many others:

  • light fixtures
  • used toilets galore
  • electrical socket boxes
  • paints and paint supplies
  • cabinets, shelves, tables, dressers, mattresses, sinks, appliances (limited quantity)
  • some flooring
  • twine
  • light plates/outlet plates

After exploring, we ended up purchasing:

  • Edge brush – 2.50
  • Twine – 1.50
  • Metal dustpan – 4.00
  • Toilet bowl wax ring and installation tools – 3.00
  • Paint tray liners – .50 x 2 = 1.00
  • 2 Roller head sponges – 2.00