Nine Months Later

Progress So Far:

  • Kitchen renovation is done (photos coming soon)
  • Bathroom renovation is done
  • Dining area shelves are done
  • Bedrooms are painted
  • Baseboard and crown
  • New doors
  • New door handles
  • Electrical
  • Blinds
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Dishwasher hookup
  • Crown molding in living room

Still Left To Do:

  • Paint awning
  • Finish the laundry room
  • Finish crown molding in office
  • Caulk guest room and office
  • Paint doors with a finish (they came primed white)
  • Paint molding in guest and office rooms
  • Outside landscaping/gardening/weed killing – ongoing since the spring, grass never came out – sod next year in the spring
  • Eventually fix gutter and soffits
  • Find a washer/dryer – I know, I’ve made it 9 months without one, bless my heart 😉 I was hoping I could hold out until Black Friday. But now that it’s almost here, I don’t want to spend the money on it.  Especially if I have other things I need to pay for.

Things that changed:

  • Since working on the house, I have lost the opportunity to buy Home Depot and Lowes gift cards at 7% off on PlasticJungle.  I think they got too big and now everyone keeps buying their inventory completely in less than a second that I’ve had no hope of buying them anymore.  Perfect example of a very important lesson to you all.  If you know of a great opportunity, limit how many people you tell.  In this example, I think it’s because they got broadcasted on TV networks/shows/the news, so game over.  Kind of like how you can never find free stuff at the grocery store anymore ever since the Extreme Couponing show made it known to everyone.  Unless you’re a housewife/husband and can get to the store first thing on Monday or what not.
  • Got my CPA license in the spring.
  • Bought backyard chickens; sold backyard chickens – would I do it again? Absolutely – when I’m a housewife.  Too busy in the winter to be feeding them warm water; and I certainly don’t want to pay for the electricity to have a water warmer out there all winter, especially since as a single girl I just CAN’T eat through all these fresh eggs.
  • Totally lost count of the total amount of money I have spent on renovations.  I don’t know when it fell apart, but I think I have way too much to add up at this point that I’m not even sure how to make sure I counted everything.  I would estimate that it’s definitely at least $10,000.  I need to replenish my cash before I work on anything else!

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