Fancy Door Molding

I wanted to test out how to make fancy door moldings.  Well, it’s actually kind of difficult.  It’s difficult because what you pick out at the store looks so different from how it will look as molding over your door.  This is the result:


Night Time

I can assure you, when you’re in the molding aisle at Home Depot or Lowe’s, you do NOT see anything remotely close to what you see on top of those doors!  So how do you know what molding to pick? Well, the best way to envision how it will look on your door, is to hold the strip of molding at an angle.  Hold it as if the flat portion is going to be up against the wall like a 45 degree angle.  so in other words, it doesn’t run flush up against the back wall or the ceiling.  It rests to make a triangle with the wall and the ceiling if you imagine looking at it from the side.  So pick a molding that has several different lines.

This is the piece I bought, as well as a second flat piece that looks like this, but I think I just bought a random thin piece of wood that was the appropriate thickness I wanted.  So our molding is essentially two pieces – a crown molding and a flat piece of wood.  The molding goes on top, and to add more height, I added the flat piece of wood on the bottom of it.

Here is what the two pieces of wood look like without paint.

I also bought 6 hooks and spaced them out across two rows of flat pieces of wood.  I wanted it to be a coat/key rack when coming in through the door.  I really hate measuring because it’s so tedious, but I sucked it up and did it:

I chose a very high wainscoting for this area.  I don’t know why, but I thought it accentuates the fancy door moldings because it leads the eyes upward.


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