We Put in Recessed Lighting!!

Living room update – recessed lighting is done!!  Thanks to Ben and his dad, they are working and installed.  Lots of crawling around like Spider Man in the attic.  I picked out a dimmer switch so it can be set really low or really bright.  We placed four total around the corners of the living room.

The bookshelves are from Ikea and they were $40 each, and I wanted them to look like built-ins so I bought the extension which makes up the top shelf, and they came just an inch or two below the ceiling.  Ben put crown along the front of the shelves and around it along the wall.

The empty space in between the shelves is for future use as either a spot for a tv in the wall or a fireplace or both.  I think if a fire place, it will be much easier to buy one of those 200 dollar ones that are portable and not actually get masonry done to build one into the house.  Any ideas?  For this weekend it is a great spot to put the dessert table for the bachelorette party.




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