How to Update Your Doors

I’m pretty excited to share some photos of the new doors and door handles I bought.  First, I was going with a brushed nickel theme in the house, but after seeing the white doors go up without the door knobs in, the hole that was there looked dark and gave me the idea that some dark knobs might look great.  So I ended up going to the store to find something dark brown/black in the push down lever style.  We installed them yesterday and it looks great against the white.

How to change your doors:

1. Measure your old door (not the frame) height and width.

2. Home Depot only sells doors by the rounded inch so if you measure your door to anything other than a whole number, you will have to custom order or cut the door you buy.

3. If cutting the door, Home Depot’s hollow JW doors have 3 inches of solid wood on either side, allowing you to cut the door if you need to.

4.  You will need a table saw; set the saw to the width you need to cut off and push the door through.  You will need some help doing this!!

5. Remove the old hinges and trace them to the new door and cut out a pocket for the hinge so that the hinge surface lines up with the door surface instead of protruding beyond the door.

6.  Screw the hinges and the door back in.  You could use an extra hand during this step!

7. Line up the bore hole that the door handle goes into with the latch on the door frame and if it doesn’t line up, you need to make a new groove in the frame.

8. Pick door knobs/levers of your liking and follow its own instruction sheet (you really just need a screw driver or electrical one)


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