Four Months Later…

Four months have passed since we started renovating the house.  The winter was really mild so I only had to shovel snow once.  I was concerned that it would really suck without a garage or portico in the winter but I didn’t end up having a problem this year.

Progress So Far:

  • Kitchen renovation is done (photos coming soon)
  • Bathroom renovation is done
  • Dining area shelves are done
  • Bedrooms are painted
  • Baseboard and crown is basically everywhere except parts of the living room
  • New doors
  • New door handles

Still Left To Do:

  • Finish the laundry room
  • Electrical
  • Blinds (I will order them from
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Dishwasher hookup
  • Crown molding in living room
  • Caulk
  • Paint moldings and doors with a finish (they came primed white)
  • Outside landscaping/gardening/weed killing (the yard needs some major TLC)

I totaled all my Plastic Jungle home depot and lowe’s card purchases, my appliance purchases, and my transactions directly at Home Depot and the total cost of all the renovation so far is $8,800.  I feel super broke right now.  Luckily $4,600 of that is on credit at 0% interest through this summer for some of it and through next summer for the others (floors, baseboards, quarter rounds, and appliances), so $4,200 is the cash that actually was spent.

Needless to say, living a double life is tiring!  I am so behind on other things like cleaning and cooking.  I’m tired because every weekend is spent hard at work and we haven’t had a rest in a long time.  I should also be getting my CPA license in the mail really soon because I got a message that my transcript was mailed out today.  I’m hoping for a great summer!


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