I ordered kitchen cabinets

Home Depot was having a 20% off sale on their in-stock cabinets.  I asked an employee if it was going to go on sale again, and he said they usually always do a sale.  He said 20% is still a good deal though.  I ended up ordering them on the spot because it was the last day of the sale.  A couple weeks later, they were on sale again.  However, when I ordered my cabinets, one of the pieces only had one left in stock, so if I had waited, I couldn’t have made the right configuration.

I chose American Classics Satin White cabinets and all white appliances.


We measured the kitchen before going to Home Depot.  We had approximately 68 inches of wall space for the oven area.  For the other side of the kitchen we had 156-158 inches to work with.  We took a pen and pad of paper with us, looked at the choices of sizes that were in stock for us to choose from, and drew out what would fit:


[18″ cabinet][30″ oven/stove][18″ cabinet]

[24″ Dishwasher] [36″ sink base] [12″ cabinet] [30″ max fridge][12″ cabinet][30″ cabinet double doors][12″ cabinet]


Here are the alphabet codes for the cabinets we ordered to fit these dimensions: U, L, 2x A, G, E, 2xC, 2xN

Everything to the right of the refrigerator is a 12″ deep cabinet size (shallower than the cabinets on the left side of the refrigerator, which are 24″ deep).  Above the 12″ deep cabinets to the right of the refrigerator are going to be some home made shelves to hold plates and cups.  This reduces the need to buy more cabinets, but also has an interesting look.

We have finished installing everything in the kitchen so we will post pictures soon. We still have to put up dry wall and paint, as well as put in the shelves.

How much does it cost to do a kitchen remodel?  It depends on how much remodeling you are doing.  For cabinetry, my total came to $819 for 10 pieces, plus tax = almost $900.  For the refrigerator, washing machine, over the range microwave, gas stove/oven, the total was $1,600.  Butcher block at Ikea will cost half of what lumber liquidators is selling their butcher block for, but since I went with lumber liquidators, it cost me $660 after tax for a 12 foot piece and an 8 foot piece.  Ben installed all the cabinets, so there was no labor charge.  I don’t know how he did it; maybe he will write his own blog entry for that.  It really helps if they are running specials for 0% financing for 18 months, which is what I got.



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