Bathroom Before and After




Bathroom!  The blue used is OLYMPIC (from Lowe’s) in Pearl Blue.  It makes me happy!  I also love the photo frames.  The towels came from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I am also looking for a brushed nickel mirror.  I prefer one with “pearl” beads going along the inside of the frame.  I have no idea where to find it and have tried so many stores.   I have seen it in three places: my work building lobby, a friend’s bathroom, and another property I almost bought.  Help!  For now, I have painted white a commercial mirror I bought for $35 off of a company nearby.  I just painted it with the Kilz.

What’s new:

  • Toilet $150
  • Tile 77 cents a tile
  • Wainscoting $7 dollars or so
  • Vanity, sink, marble counter all for $90 on craigslist
  • Paint
  • Vent cover – $8
  • Brushed nickel light plates – $7 at Lowe’s for Roth Allen or $2 at Meijer (the Meijer one looks shinier though – made by General Electric)
  • Mirror – Craigslist – $35 + painted white with Kilz

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