Check Out Our New Crapper!

It took me a while to decide which toilet to buy.  We first grabbed a toilet with a dual flush with differing gallons per flush for solid waste and liquid waste. On our way to the check-out, there was a display of two other toilets that were not in the toilet aisle.  The one on display was a .8 gallon per flush toilet! We ended up going home with that  one  – Glacier Bay 2-Piece Ultra High-Efficiency Elongated Toilet in White Model # N7717B/N7715T SKU # 169564.  I picked one that was EPA approved with a WaterSense sticker.  It was going for $150.

This toilet was $50 more than what I originally picked, but 1.2 gpf vs .8 gpf was worth the $50 to me.  Over time it will save a lot of water.  Toilets consume a lot of water for every flush.  According to the EPA, toilets are second to outdoor water use.  Since people don’t just change out their toilets unless they were ratty to begin with, I want to make sure that several years down the road when even more efficient toilets are being sold, my toilet is still doing a good job conserving water.



Here is a video about the toilet!


6 thoughts on “Check Out Our New Crapper!

  1. So what do you think, how well does it work? Is it going to clog up more than the 1.6 g toilet? I’m not sure how well this technology works, partly using air. If it really works, it would be a significant innovation cutting down on a lot of water.

    • I actually found a video for the toilet that is really interesting. I will probably add it to the post:

      So far we have done number ones and twos and no clogging! The flush actually looks like it’s powerful, although it only lasts about 2 seconds so I first thought, “Oh it’s going to flush… oh wait! That was it, it’s done” So far it is good!

  2. Thanks for posting about your Glacier Bay toilet. We just had one of these installed last week in our home. Our observations so far is that is is extremely quiet, no issues at all with the flushing power of the toilet yet. So far we are very impressed with how well this is working so far. It is amazing how little water this toilet uses and still does the job. I live in an area with very high water rates and water rationing due to an ongoing drought. So this seemed like a no brainer to upgrade shower heads and toilet to try and address our water needs and bills. So far we are very happy. We found this toilet at Home Depot as well for the same price as you listed. Overall a good investment for anyone concerned about their water use or just being kinder and gentler to the planet.

    • Hi, just wondering how your Glacier Bay toilet is doing now after a year.
      I just saw one and I am thinking of getting one.
      Let me know. Thanks

      • Still really great! Clogged twice so far, once when a ton of people came over someone flushed feminine products down, second time was something that happened over several uses, I noticed it Made trickling sounds bc paper or something was accumulating, and once I figured it out i plunged and it was better. That’s it!

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