Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  From all the work we have been doing the past week, I feel like I completely blew past the new year and didn’t even get the opportunity to reflect on 2011 or set any goals for the upcoming year.  I did take a mini-break and went to a friend’s house party.  I feel like I have barely been home and I catch myself getting a little anxiety sometimes.  I usually have to regroup in my room by straightening things up, cleaning, and planning out what I have to do.  Since I didn’t get to do any of that, there has been a little stressor that is lurking and ends up making me feel anxious if I ignore it for too many days in a row.

What have we done so far?

  • Put primer all over the floors
  • Picked paint colors
  • Painted first coats in the living room and hallway
  • Picked flooring and picked up flooring (2 trips)
  • Put in flooring in all rooms and closets except for one (closet)
  • Demolished the old vanity in the bathroom and took it to the curb!
  • Bleached the bathroom floor
  • Bought lots and lots and lots of things from Home Depot.  I need to look at all my receipts.  This stresses me out because I kept having to buy things that were not planned.

Some things I would advise based on my experience:

  • Buy LOTS of plastic jungle gift cards to Home Depot…I didn’t buy nearly enough.  I went through hundreds of dollars already and a lot of it was not planned.
  • Go to the post office to ask for a movers pack which has a bunch of coupons in it for moving services, Home Depot, Lowes, TV service
  • Do yourself a favor and just buy the 5 gallon Kilz.  I ended up buying several 2 gallon buckets at various intervals.  Especially if you end up hating a color you painted a room – like I did.
  • Buy ahead things you know you will need off of amazon.com or craigslist.  I ordered some things, but then ended up needing so much other stuff because I didn’t really know.  If you read my posts, I list things you would most likely need to use for projects, so if you can, just buy any of the materials up front.  That way you have time to price hunt!
  • If you like a paint color at the store, go with the next shade lighter because your lighting at your house may be a lot darker than the store!

Things that I learned about myself and stresses that I didn’t think about that will come up during these kinds of projects:

  • Even if I try to deny being Type A and try really hard not to be, I think I am definitely Type A.
  • If your significant other is not Type A, you may find yourself getting very frustrated.  Prepare!

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