Removed the Carpet!

We removed the carpet this evening!  We decided not to have someone else come take it out because 1) I am too chicken to trust someone coming to get my dirty carpet and 2) I am paranoid which is the same as 1).  I ended up scaring away one guy who wanted to drive 1.5 hours to get the carpet because no matter how many times he asked for my number and address, I wouldn’t give it to him unless he committed to a time and day to come out. I will work on my irrational fears some other day.

Materials we bought:

  • a set of 3 Husky utility knives for $7 at Home Depot
  • 2 respirator masks for $5 at Home Depot
  • 1 toxic dust respirator for $21 on

Other materials used:

  • crowbar, hammers, screw drivers, shop vac, earplugs

We enlisted help from my boyfriend’s sister and we started peeling up the carpet.  There was orange carpet padding underneath the carpet, and then vinyl floors on top of the cement slab.  We had to shop vac all of the ancient dust that was under the carpet.  After that, we went along the walls to try to pry the tack strips off the ground with crowbars and hammers.  This was really difficult and time consuming.  We only got through doing the living room today and will have to pull off the rest later.   Ear plugs come in  handy after the carpet is gone and your whole house echos the clanging of the hammers against the crowbars. Multiply the noise by the number of people doing the same thing at the same time and you will appreciate the ear plugs!


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