Carpet Removal Idea

This is a neat idea my friend had which she did herself.  If your house has carpet you don’t want, and you plan on putting in flooring, list it on or with photos and ask the person wanting it to come tear it out themselves.  It’s a win-win situation.  You get your carpet taken out for you and someone else gets free carpet!  In addition, in some situations, there may be too much carpet that you would have to spend a lot of money on a dumpster rental to be able to dispose of your carpet.  Depending on your city’s rules, the trash pick-up may include carpet as long as they are cut into 3-4 ft widths, rolled, and tied up.

Planning to rip out carpet yourself?

  • Vacuum the carpet to reduce some dust
  • Wear a mask – things can get dusty when you’re pulling up on the carpet
  • Wear closed toe shoes – you might find tacks!
  • Have a crowbar and some gloves
  • Utility knife – cut the carpet (from the underside) into appropriate widths for disposal
  • Pull up tack strips with a crowbar/hammer
  • Remove any staples out of the ground

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