Vision: Improvements to Make


  • There is a strange plastic back splash in the bathroom on the walls and a very big red spot where someone started painting over the blue plastic tile with dark red paint in a large circular shape.  Take off this weird blue junk on the wall so the scary red is not there anymore.
  • Paint walls – there are weird hand prints
  • Tile and grout on the floor are black/brown.  Very disgusting.  Bleach and then lay a new layer of tile.  Go with the large 10 inch porcelain tiles that look like stone.
  • Take out weird vanity and home made weird side shelf and replace with a normal vanity with counter space.
  • Toilet is awful.  Put in new toilet.
  • Bleach shower tiles; bathtub and tiles are actually in great shape.
  • New shower faucets – Lower priority


  • Fix drywall hole
  • Get cabinets (they are not the kind I am okay with refinishing/painting
  • Leave a spot for a future dishwasher
  • Current counter top is very dirty and creme/brown
  • Possibly take out part of wall to extend one kitchen wall into laundry room area to be able to fit appliances
  • Extend kitchen into dinette area
  • Add kitchen flooring and into dinette area


  • Carpet is disgusting and have stains everywhere
  • Remove carpet; put in laminate flooring in hallway and living room

Cosmetic projects


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