Upgrades: Not Outbuilding Your Neighborhood

One restraint with making Little House a comfortable place to live is to make sure my improvements in addition to the purchase price don’t exceed the neighborhood and surrounding area.  Since it’s such a depressed area most of the home values are hovering around $40k to $50k.  In the future maybe this will go up; but for now, I have to make sure I don’t do anything too nice.  For example, building a garage is most likely not going to be a good financial move until house prices around there go up. It’s rare to not have a garage or a covered area at all so that puts Little House at a disadvantage.

Any improvements need to be functional improvements and not merely visual improvements.  If it ain’t broke, I can’t fix it.  Yet.  Since I will be wiped out after closing costs, I will have to take fixing this up slowly.   I have a project list in Excel, which I will later prioritize and sort in order of importance.  The bathroom sink area is disgusting so that is definitely at the top of the list.  The toilet is really bad so I am getting a new one.  The kitchen is pretty bad but it’s actually kind of functional. There is a hole in the dry wall and some cabinetry missing.  The floor is absolutely unsanitary and disgusting, so I will be removing the nasty carpet as one of the first projects.





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