Inspection: Success

Today was the inspection of Little House.  Everything seems okay.  A few minor issues that are easy to fix, nothing too major.  I had the contractor come out and look around so that he can quote me his pricing on labor for the kitchen and bathroom.  If he can do it pretty cheap, I would just ask him to do it.

It was difficult getting the utilities all turned on and in working order on short notice.  There was an electrical hitch so an electrician was called, but there really was no problem, so I had an extra expense of $60. I transferred the money for closing and it should be in my bank account in a couple days.  It’s quite sad to see all the hard earned and saved money empty out, but I have to remind myself that my security is not in money, but in God.  Even if I depleted my cash, I don’t need to lose my peace over it.  I have to pray and trust God that my needs will be met so that I don’t have to worry and fear job loss and other worst case scenarios my head will make up.

I called the city to ask when a permit was pulled for the roof on the home.  The lady on the phone told me what year a permit was pulled on the roof as well as the hot water heater.  I looked up the city’s website which had a great accessible record database so I was able to estimate my closing costs because I pulled the winter and summer property tax information.  I also found how much was owed on the water and sewage bill that the seller will have to pay at closing.  Water and sewer is attached to the property but other utilities like gas and electric are transferable to a specific person.

Some house facts:

  • 1996 Roof
  • 1996 Water Heater
  • 2006 Furnace
  • Fuse box min. 100 Amp
  • 1040 square feet
  • No garage
  • Slab
  • Ranch
  • 3 Bedrooms

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