Great Laundry Room Items

Check out some neat designs for drying racks.  These save space and fold up against the wall.—large/laundry-room/drying-racks/10380

Beadboard Drying Rack with Hanger Rail


We Bought Flooring Today

I picked out flooring today with my boyfriend’s sister’s fiance at Lumber Liquidators.  The light color I wanted was not in stock until a week from today.  We are putting in floors this Thursday evening, so I ended up having to pick a darker color which is not what I wanted.  It was on sale for $1.99 per square foot with underlayment attached.  I bought Dream Home St. James 12mm African Mahogany Laminate, and also took advantage of the 0% financing for 13 months.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Today we visited the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  There are three of them near us within 45 minutes of driving.  The H for H Restore sells a lot of home improvement goods as well as any random inventory that was donated from people in the area.  Each store will carry different items.  The prices are supposed to be pretty low.  There are new inventory as well as used.  Today was my first visit, and here are things I saw among many others:

  • light fixtures
  • used toilets galore
  • electrical socket boxes
  • paints and paint supplies
  • cabinets, shelves, tables, dressers, mattresses, sinks, appliances (limited quantity)
  • some flooring
  • twine
  • light plates/outlet plates

After exploring, we ended up purchasing:

  • Edge brush – 2.50
  • Twine – 1.50
  • Metal dustpan – 4.00
  • Toilet bowl wax ring and installation tools – 3.00
  • Paint tray liners – .50 x 2 = 1.00
  • 2 Roller head sponges – 2.00


Fresh Coat of Kilz All Over the Floor

After removing all carpet staples from the ground, we swept nails, tack strip pieces, and staples with a broom.  Then we went over the floors with the shop vac a second time.  After that was done, we rolled Killz all over the floor.  Basically, I wanted to seal off whatever floor was underneath the carpet.  I hope that it will trap the odors into the ground and provide at least a cleaner surface to work off of when putting the flooring in.

Materials used:

  • Kilz 2 gallon tub – used the whole tub to cover all closets, floors up to the kitchen and laundry.  I estimate that to be 700-800 square feet.
  • Edge brush (for 1 person)
  • Rollers (for 2 people)


  • Ventilate
  • Wear a respirator mask
  • Keep the thermostat above 50 degrees.  Paints and primers dry in warm air.  Cold air makes it difficult to cure.
  • Start from the furthest room/area of the house and work towards your exit doors so you don’t have to walk over what you painted.
  • In each room, start with edging the closet floors first and then move out into the room
  • Edge the perimeter and a helper can come in with a roller to get the rest.

Now the whole house is carpet free and the floors are white.  The next step I should probably take is to paint the walls.  That way, people can have at it without worrying about spilling over new floor laminate.  I personally hate choosing paint colors because even if I know what color I want, there are so many shades of it!  Then, if I pick 5-6 shades that look close to what I’m looking for, those colors start to look weird compared against each other!  Cleaning and then priming took from 6 pm until 9 pm with three people.

Fun Tip:

  • Form a massage chain with everyone who helped.  Get the knots out from your hard day of bending over and pulling things out of the ground.

Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, we are going to take a break for a couple days.  We won’t be back to the house until after Christmas.  I have until December 28th to use a 10% off Home Depot coupon to buy the flooring.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Removed the Carpet!

We removed the carpet this evening!  We decided not to have someone else come take it out because 1) I am too chicken to trust someone coming to get my dirty carpet and 2) I am paranoid which is the same as 1).  I ended up scaring away one guy who wanted to drive 1.5 hours to get the carpet because no matter how many times he asked for my number and address, I wouldn’t give it to him unless he committed to a time and day to come out. I will work on my irrational fears some other day.

Materials we bought:

  • a set of 3 Husky utility knives for $7 at Home Depot
  • 2 respirator masks for $5 at Home Depot
  • 1 toxic dust respirator for $21 on

Other materials used:

  • crowbar, hammers, screw drivers, shop vac, earplugs

We enlisted help from my boyfriend’s sister and we started peeling up the carpet.  There was orange carpet padding underneath the carpet, and then vinyl floors on top of the cement slab.  We had to shop vac all of the ancient dust that was under the carpet.  After that, we went along the walls to try to pry the tack strips off the ground with crowbars and hammers.  This was really difficult and time consuming.  We only got through doing the living room today and will have to pull off the rest later.   Ear plugs come in  handy after the carpet is gone and your whole house echos the clanging of the hammers against the crowbars. Multiply the noise by the number of people doing the same thing at the same time and you will appreciate the ear plugs!

Carpet Removal Idea

This is a neat idea my friend had which she did herself.  If your house has carpet you don’t want, and you plan on putting in flooring, list it on or with photos and ask the person wanting it to come tear it out themselves.  It’s a win-win situation.  You get your carpet taken out for you and someone else gets free carpet!  In addition, in some situations, there may be too much carpet that you would have to spend a lot of money on a dumpster rental to be able to dispose of your carpet.  Depending on your city’s rules, the trash pick-up may include carpet as long as they are cut into 3-4 ft widths, rolled, and tied up.

Planning to rip out carpet yourself?

  • Vacuum the carpet to reduce some dust
  • Wear a mask – things can get dusty when you’re pulling up on the carpet
  • Wear closed toe shoes – you might find tacks!
  • Have a crowbar and some gloves
  • Utility knife – cut the carpet (from the underside) into appropriate widths for disposal
  • Pull up tack strips with a crowbar/hammer
  • Remove any staples out of the ground

Vision: Improvements to Make


  • There is a strange plastic back splash in the bathroom on the walls and a very big red spot where someone started painting over the blue plastic tile with dark red paint in a large circular shape.  Take off this weird blue junk on the wall so the scary red is not there anymore.
  • Paint walls – there are weird hand prints
  • Tile and grout on the floor are black/brown.  Very disgusting.  Bleach and then lay a new layer of tile.  Go with the large 10 inch porcelain tiles that look like stone.
  • Take out weird vanity and home made weird side shelf and replace with a normal vanity with counter space.
  • Toilet is awful.  Put in new toilet.
  • Bleach shower tiles; bathtub and tiles are actually in great shape.
  • New shower faucets – Lower priority


  • Fix drywall hole
  • Get cabinets (they are not the kind I am okay with refinishing/painting
  • Leave a spot for a future dishwasher
  • Current counter top is very dirty and creme/brown
  • Possibly take out part of wall to extend one kitchen wall into laundry room area to be able to fit appliances
  • Extend kitchen into dinette area
  • Add kitchen flooring and into dinette area


  • Carpet is disgusting and have stains everywhere
  • Remove carpet; put in laminate flooring in hallway and living room

Cosmetic projects